Live Entertainment at the Move’n’Groove

Check out the four bands we selected to keep you moving and grooving on April 14!

Nearly 50 bands auditioned to be a part of the 2024 Albany Move’n’Groove, but only four acts could be selected.  Representing an eclectic array of diverse musical genres, we guarantee that all selected bands will deliver great entertainment and inspire all 5K & kids race participants and spectators to move & groove!

For past years Move’n’Groove Bands: 2023 | 2022

Playing on the 5K and kids race course, 10AM– Noon:

Playing post-race on the Memorial Park stage Noon–2:00 PM:

Hernandez Hideaway

10AM – Noon

Balkan beats, Klezmer stylings, and serious good times define the music of Oakland-based band Hernandez Hideaway. Bottoms up: tuba, accordion, trombone, saxophone, violin and voice, Hernandez  Hideaway has been playing the Bay for since 2009. Members of this chosen-family band, representing California, England, Japan and France, come together over a love for that sweet spot where traditional meets modern, jazz, and fun.

Visit their website here. Follow them on FB here and IG here.

Tori Roze and the Hot Mess

10AM – Noon

 “This is Soul for today: tight, sophisticated, and up-to-date…a winner” (San Diego Troubadour).

Tori Roze and The Hot Mess are a soulful force to be reckoned with. Gathering their musical thunder from an extremely eclectic time and space spanning centuries, this band busts straight through the glass ceiling of genre-bending: original funky jazzy neo-soul music exploding with grit, integrity, and vulnerability. Roze is a key artist in conveying the emotional intent behind a song. “Hearing Tori Roze’s sultry voice for the first time is like learning that Santa Claus isn’t real: it absolutely breaks your heart. Roze seduces you with her Erykah Badu-esque flair, and just when you think she can’t be any smoother, she claws her way into your ears with her rocking roars” (San Diego City Beat). The Hot Mess, comprised of exceptional “pocket” players nailing unexpected arrangements to “blow your top,” leaves you reeling with toe-tapping excitement. The name says it all: The Hot Mess. Do not expect for their arrangements to be predictable or run-of-the-mill – this band is audibly unique. Musically likened to Chicago + Earth, Wind, and Fire with a slap of Amy Winehouse + Janis Joplin-style vocals; these guys have got the recipe for eargasmic pleasure.

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Groove Portal


Groove Portal is an East Bay cover band that lays down soulful and funky jams — from Sly and the Family Stone to Stevie Wonder to Lizzo and Harry Styles — to elicit joy and celebration and instigate dancing! We are Anthony, Jen, Max, John, George, Mandy, Will, Rudy, and Mike. We came together in 2021 and continue to grow and evolve. We play house parties, benefits, events, clubs, and outdoor concerts.

Visit their website here. Follow them on IG here.


Noon–2:00 PM

Radio Radio is the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier Elvis Costello tribute band. Since 2022, they’ve been igniting stages across Northern California with the energy and passion of Costello’s iconic music.

Their live shows hark back to Costello’s early career, channeling the spirit of his explosive debut onto the UK music scene in the late 1970s. From his band’s blistering sonic attack to his signature razor-sharp lyrics, Radio Radio captures the essence of Costello’s pioneering role in shaping pop-punk and new wave.

Their repertoire spans Costello’s biggest hits and deeper cuts, showcasing the breadth of his musical tapestry. From the punk-infused protest of “Radio, Radio” to the infectious swagger of “Pump It Up” and the poignant balladry of “Alison,” Radio Radio delivers an unforgettable musical journey. Other audience favorites such as “Watching the Detectives” and “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?” are guaranteed to get the crowd on their feet and dancing.

Make sure you save some energy in the afternoon after the 5K to dance to RADIO RADIO from the main stage!

Visit their website here. Follow them on FB here