Live Music & Fitness around the Park

Sunday April 14, 2024
9:45 AM to 2:00 PM

Albany High School and Memorial Park,
Albany, California

Albany Move'n'Groove 2024 banner - 5K run -walk-roll and free music festival.

Results & photos/videos from this year’s races are now available on the Results page🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏼

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About the Event

The Albany Move’n’Groove combines live music, fitness, and community spirit in Albany, California. Walk, run, roller skate, compete as a para athlete, push a stroller, or just hang out & enjoy the multiple live bands stationed around the high school & park. Participants of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join the fun!

Registration is only required for participants in the 5K or the kids race. The live music is free for all attendees! The kids-only race is a 0.5 mile loop around the park for kids age 10 and under and takes place at 9:45AM, and the main 5K (6-loop course) at 10AM. See our FAQ for more details about the event.

This event was originally produced and organized by Albany community member volunteers, Eugenie Hsu (Albany COVIDchella producer) and Steve Trutane (Albany Community Triathlon organizer). In 2024, the organizing team expanded to include Doug Donaldson, Judy Kerr, Peggy McQuaid, and Kirsten Mickelson.

*NEW* for 2024: Reduced registration fee for the 5K; Food vendors to include Picnic and Suzette Crepe; More time to enjoy bands on the course which will play from 10am–Noon; 5K run/walk/stroll to start at 10am; No separate roller skating division but recreational skating will be allowed after the 5K (~11am).

The Albany Community Foundation (ACF) is the fiscal sponsor for the event.  The ACF’s goal is to encourage and develop local philanthropy and to serve as a resource through which charitable funds may be directed to meet the needs of local organizations and emerging community needs. Support the ACF with a donation!  Thank you! 

Funding for the Move’n’Groove live bands is provided by the City of Albany’s Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax.

Supporting the City of Albany’s Climate Action Plan and the Carbon-Free Albany Challenge, the Move’n’Groove encourages attendees to minimize their carbon footprint and get to the event on foot or bike. Ample bike parking will be available (see the purple 🚲 on our event map below). Also, use the recycling and compost bins to cut back on waste. Thanks!

Live Music for 2024:

  • See the Bands page for descriptions and previews of the bands that will be performing along the 5K course and in Memorial Park after the race!

Schedule and Map

Schedule Summary: The kids-only 0.5 mile race starts at 9:45AM and the main 5K starts at 10AM. Music around the park during the 5K starts at 10AM and will conclude at Noon. A final band takes the main stage in Memorial Park from Noon–2PM. Coffee and food will be available starting at 9 AM, located approximately at Portand Ave near Ramona. Rec skating/scootering on the streets will be permitted between 11AM–2:30PM.

Four bands in total will entertain Move’n’Groove participants. Registration is not required to enjoy the music — spectators are welcome! See the numbered “groove symbols” 🎵 on the map for the location of each band described on the bands page

5K course: The flat, square, 5K course loops six times around the four streets encircling Albany High and Memorial Park in a clockwise direction: Thousand Oaks, Carmel, Portland and (Northbound) Key Route. Participants will wear a race bib that will detect their overall time, but not each lap — so will need to keep track of their own lap count! The finish line is located just across the street from the starting line on Pomona Ave. Here’s a Strava segment showing the start & finish and elevation profile. The route will be closed to all vehicle traffic and parking.  For safety, the inside lane is designated for race participants only, which will offer the best view of the bands. Detailed course map is provided below.

Kids-only course: Kids 10 years old and younger will run or walk a single clockwise loop around the block, using the same start and finish lines as for the 5K. Kids will also wear a race bib with chip timing. There are no waves for the kids race. Faster/older kids should line up near the front of the pack.

Participants in the 5K will line up just after the start of the kids-only race at 9:45AM in the alley way next to the AHS gym, and in accordance to their estimated pace, with the fastest participants (wave A) closest to the exit onto Thousand Oaks. Subsequent waves will leave on the minute. Strollers and para athletes will start with the walk/run wave according to their pace. A detailed schedule is listed below the map.

Course map of the Albany Move'n'Groove showing route for the 5K & Kids races and locations for live music bands.
8:45 - 9:30 AM

Event day packet pick up

Info tables (blue diamond)
9:30 AM

Kids 10 yo and under line up behind starting line
(GREEN arrow)

9:45 AM

Kids race starts: 1 loop course
(YELLOW arrows)

Runners, walkers, strollers line up behind starting line
(GREEN arrow) after kids start

10:00 AM

Runners, walkers, strollers, para athletes start 5K course, 6 loops (YELLOW arrows)

11:00 AM

Streets open to recreational skaters, scooters

12:00 PM

Bands on 5K course stop playing

12:00 PM

Announcements on Memorial park stage (#4)

12:00 - 2:00 PM

Live music on Memorial park stage from band #4🎵

12:00-2:00 PM
After the 5K, gather near the Memorial Park stage for the announcements and purchase food from food trucks on Portland Ave near Ramona. Continue moving & grooving to RADIO RADIO that will play on the Memorial Park stage (#4 on map) starting at Noon.

Thank You Sponsors!

IBX Fitness will be hosting free training sessions open to the public to get you ready for the 5K!  Click here for more details and sign up link!

IBX Fitness is located in Albany at 727 San Pablo Avenue Suite 102-CD. Learn about their services here.

Ava Community Energy (formerly East Bay Community Energy, EBCE) is Alameda County’s clean energy provider. They awarded a community sponsorship to the Move’n’Groove which greatly helped offset our expenses, allowing for reduced registration fees!

Interested in becoming a sponsor for this year’s Move’n’Groove? Get in touch with us for more information about sponsorship opportunities at


If you have a question that is not answered below in this FAQ, please email us at

Yes! The 🎵 live music 🎵 will be there for all to enjoy whether walking, running, skating, strolling, or just hanging out! 

There will be space that is designated for spectators.  For safety reasons, the inside lane on the streets will be designated for registered 5K or kids run participants only (those wearing the race bibs).

Spectators and other “groovers” should be on the lookout for the “movers” racing on the streets, who should themselves be heads-up for non-racers coming & going around the park and high school!

Registration costs are as follows (which includes a race t-shirt):

  • $15 EARLY BIRD: T-shirt included: thru Feb 29
  • $15 STANDARD: T-shirt sold separately: March 1 – March 31
  • $20 LATE BIRD: T-shirt sold separately: April 1-April 10

Kids-only 0.5 mile race:

  • $5 EARLY BIRD: T-shirt included: thru Feb 29
  • $5 STANDARD: T-shirt sold separately: March 1 – April 10

PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE NO SIGN-UPS ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT. A limited number of slots may be available at packet pickup on Sat before the race.

Best idea: Sign up online today!

No, there is no same-day registration. Registration is done online only and the last day to register will be on Wednesday April 10, 2024. A limited number of registrations may be available at packet pickup the day before the event.

Please note that we are capping participants at 400 registrants, first come, first serve. Sign up online today to secure your spot!

The 5K course consists of 6 complete laps clockwise around Memorial Park and Albany High, as shown in the event map. Each participant is responsible for keeping track of their own lap count. One trick to help you keep track of your current lap: as you round each corner, say out loud your current lap number in a foreign language of your choice!

There will be a wave start with the fastest participants starting in the first wave. You will start with your chosen wave according to your expected pace that you specify on the registration form, which will be indicated on your race bib. Strollers & para athlete racers: you will start with run/walkers in the wave that best corresponds with your expected pace. 

The first wave starts at 10AM with subsequent waves staggered every 1 minute.

Run/Walk/Stroller/Wheelchair wave start times:

  • A: 10:00
  • B: 10:01
  • C: 10:02
  • D: 10:03
  • E: 10:04

The 5K is quite flat, with one slight uphill block, two slight downhill blocks, and one flat block. Thousand Oaks East-bound is the uphill block, climbing 15–25 ft over 1000 ft of distance (1-2% uphill grade). See the course map.

The maximum elevation occurs as you turn from Thousand Oaks onto Carmel Ave. which has a slight downhill slope that continues downhill along Portland Ave (-1-2% downhill grade).

The course bottoms out as you turn from Portland onto Key Route, and stays flat as you pass in front of Albany High heading towards Thousand Oaks to repeat the loop.

Here’s a Strava segment for the whole 5K course, showing a graph of the elevation profile. 

Kids 10 and under (as of race day) can participate in the kids-only short course race that consists of just one clockwise loop on the streets around Memorial Park and the high school, as shown on the course map. This will be the kickoff event taking place at 9:45AM before the 5K race. Kids will start in a single wave, with faster/older kids lining up near the front of the pack.

Kids should be encouraged to be on the course by themselves for the event, but if a little one requires a chaperone, you are welcome to accompany them — just don’t beat them to the finish!

Parents who have a child in the kids race AND who also plan to run the 5K should be able to watch their child start & finish along Thousand Oaks Ave, and still be in time to start the 5K at 10AM, since the finish line is just across the street from the starting line.

IBX Fitness, an event sponsor, is hosting free training sessions to help you prepare for the 5K, meeting in Memorial Park on the three Mondays leading up the event. 

Pre-registration is required. Click here for more details and sign up link!

Yes — volunteers are needed to make the event happen. Check the Volunteer section of this page learn more how to sign up to help. 

The 5K event will occur rain or shine but the dance band on the stage at Memorial Park may be relocated to play on the course instead of the stage. The event may be cancelled if the air quality is unhealthy for outdoor exercise.

In the (unlikely) event that Move’n’Groove is cancelled or if you withdraw from attending the event for any reason, there are no refunds for the registration fee unless you purchase cancellation insurance at the time of registration to receive a refund. Purchasing insurance is optional and is offered during the online registration process.

However, if the event is rescheduled to a future date, you will receive full credit to participate in the rescheduled event.

Registration fee includes the race bib and timing chip and access to the “registrants only” lane which offers the best view of the bands. 

T-shirt are included in the registration fee this year, if you register on or before Mar 3. After that date, shirts can be purchased separately during online registration until end of day Sunday 3/24. After that date, shirts will not be available during online registration. A limited number of shirts will be available at packet pickup and on race day.

If you choose to opt out of the T-shirt during registration, $15 of your registration fee will be directed to the Albany Community Foundation to support future events.

Yes, accurate results will be provided by chip timing for each heat by age and gender.

Preliminary results will be posted onsite after the completion of all divisions of the 5K event. Official results will be posted on this website once they have been finalized. 

There will not be a separate division for roller/inline skaters in the 5K this year. But you are allowed to roller/inline skate or scooter (non-electric) after most participants have finished the 5K (starting around 11am),  on the streets around the course which will be closed to traffic until about 2:30pm. Keep your speed under control and stay attentive to others on the streets/sidewalks! 

Bikes and skateboards are not permitted on the course for safety reasons. There will be ample bicycle parking for those able to cycle to the event, which is encouraged!

Yes, extra bike racks will be available for self-parking at the purple 🚲 on our event map. Additional bike parking is available near the Aquatic Center, in Memorial Park, and around AHS. There will not be a bike valet, so bring a bike lock!

Supporting the City of Albany’s Climate Action Plan and the Carbon-Free Albany Challenge, the Move’n’Groove encourages attendees to minimize their carbon footprint and get to the event on foot or bike if they can!

There will be parking on city streets outside of the 5K course and surrounding ‘feeder’ streets which will be closed to car traffic & parking (see map). You can park on Portland Ave or Thousand Oaks Blvd east of Carmel Ave or west of Key Route, or park on other streets a block or two away from Memorial Park (Washington, San Carlos, Ward, Spokane).

Local participants are encouraged to walk or bike to the event to reduce vehicle congestion in the area. Bike racks are available for self-parking near the Aquatic Center, in the park, at AHS (see map for bike parking).

Food vendors will include Picnic and Suzette Crepe, and potentially soft-serve ice cream.

There is water available at Memorial Park and there will be water cisterns on location at the event.  We highly encourage you to bring your own (non-disposable) water bottles to the event.

No, the Albany Aquatic Center has asked that we do not use their facilities so that they may conduct business as usual with minimal disruption to pool patrons. 

There are bathrooms located at the park and we will also be providing portapotties on site. See the course map for restroom locations.

For your convenience, you will be able to pick up your race packet Road Runner Sports (1326 10th Street, Berkeley) on Saturday the day before the event from 12-3 PM.

You will also be able to pick up your race packet at the race venue on the morning of the event from 8:45-9:30 AM (at the check-in table “i” on the map), but we highly encourage registrants to pick up the packet the day before. 

The quality of the roads is good — all four streets of the loop course are devoid of potholes and have fairly smooth pavement. The pavement on Key Route is more rough than the other streets, but the sidewalk is nice along this section of Albany High. If you use the sidewalk,  be attentive to pedestrians, trees, poles, and random debris.

On the day of the event, streets leading into the course will be closed with no parking allowed on the course itself.

There will not be a special gear check area. Keep valuables (phones, wallets, etc.) in your possession or securely stored in your vehicle/bike or with a friend or family member.

The event organizers are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. If you have lost or found something important (car keys, IDs, cell phone, etc.), please visit the main information desk to drop it off or check for it (blue “i” on the event map). Thanks!

No skate rental will be available. 

The 5K and kids races will take place rain or shine. If there is a ≥50% chance of heavy rain for 10AM on the event day as of 24hrs before the event, the bands and food vendors may have to cancel.

Registered race participants will be notified by email and/or text message, and the event organizers will post about any weather-related changes to the schedule on our social media channels.


Want to volunteer? We could definitely use your help! We will need people on the day of the event (and in the days leading up to the event) to help in a variety of tasks and functions including:

Putting up flyers, making and placing signage, putting up street blockades and cones, handing out registration packets, 5K pacing, safety monitoring, helping out at an information booth, gear check-in table, providing first aid, refilling water cisterns, assisting bands, etc. 

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please fill out this form and you’ll be contacted to sign up for specific tasks. Volunteers who sign up before end of day on Sunday March 24 will receive a complimentary t-shirt!

Contact Us

Questions? Please check the FAQ for answers to common questions. To get in touch with event organizers, send an email to We will do our best to answer your questions.  Thank you for your patience!